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The News Chronicle aims to provide short, informative get-in-get-out news articles from around the world. We tailor our stories for individuals who prefer news quick fixes: condensed articles designed to be read quickly, while retaining their most important details.

The News Chronicle was launched on June 2009, and has since steadily grown with a large potential for further growth. We're proudly a provider for Google News, and attracts a healthy amount of daily traffic.

On average, the site enjoys:

  • approximately 120K unique visitors per month
  • effectively 200K impressions per month
  • (that's about 6,500 visits daily)
  • 73% of which come from the USA
  • and 14% from Canada

Campaign perks

Ad campaigns can utilize any of the following ad units on the site:

  • Leaderboard - 768x90 IAB
  • Skyscraper - 160x600 IAB
  • Large Rectangle - 336x280 IAB
  • Full Banner - 468x60 IAB
  • Square - 250x250 IAB

By default, campaigns will fly on run-of-site placements, meaning that your ad creatives will appear on all article pages in the site. While this will give your ads maximum visibility, you might want to target only a specific market.

To address this, we allow advertisers in The News Chronicle to specify criteria that have to be met for your ad creatives to appear. You might want your ads to appear only for viewers in the USA, for example, or to target a specific age group, or to appear only in sports and entertainment articles.

The most basic campaign criteria allows advertisers to target according to geography (country, state, city, et al) and story categories (news, sports, entertainment, gadgets, etc). For more targeting possibilities, please send us an inquiry below.

To apply your ad campaign and/or for further inquiries, please contact us at

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