Editorial Board

Richard Neil A. Ilagan


Richard is a Technology Consultant for Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Ltd., specializing in .NET and Microsoft technologies. He’s also had experience as a Systems Engineer for Fujitsu Ten, and an Operations Research Analyst for KFC Philippines. He’s handled a number of offline and online publications in the past, and is currently looking into web design and development alongside his music and taking care of his girlfriend.

You may contact Richard at richard.ilagan@thenewschronicle.com.

Ann Margaret Lee

Associate Editor

Meg, a Management of Communications Technology graduate, likes to write primarily for the Entertainment and Lifestyle sections, and also has a distinct interest in finance. She dabbles in FOREX, social media, and the Mandarin language while working as an e-mail marketing specialist. She also shares her critical slices of life at her personal blog, The Meg Lee.

You may contact Meg at meg.lee@thenewschronicle.com

Nicolo Paollo Bantatua

Technical Editor

A confessed computing hardware and mobile devices enthusiast, Nico also holds a degree in Mathematics and earns his keep as a Database Developer and SQL Server programmer. Free time almost always goes to designing and implementing hardware systems on freelance, and polishing his guitar skills.

You may contact Nico at nicolo.bantatua@thenewschronicle.com.

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