Not a Hack: Paramore’s Hayley Williams TwitPic’d her topless picture herself (PICS!)

Hayley Williams TwitPic - The Internet has been buzzing about Hayley Williams' TwitPic account being hacked today, resulting in a topless picture of herself (shown below) being sent to about 600,000 of her followers. What most don't realize is that Hayley Williams was not hacked - she sent that picture herself. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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Not a Hack: Paramore’s Hayley Williams TwitPic’d her topless picture herself (PICS!)

Hayley Williams TwitPic - The Internet has been buzzing about Hayley Williams’ TwitPic account being hacked today, resulting in a topless picture of herself (shown below) being sent to about 600,000 of her followers. What most don’t realize is that Hayley Williams was not hacked – she accidentally sent that picture herself.

Apparently, according to some very observant folks, the picture that leaked through the Paramore songstress’ TwitPic account contained data (called EXIF) which stored when and from what the picture was taken – and, guess what? Hayley Williams’ topless picture was taken approximately eight minutes before the photograph was shown via TwitPic.

EXIF data is present in most digital pictures, and is automatically inserted in the file by the device that took the picture. It contains general information like the date and time a picture was taken and the camera model used, down to some technical stuff like the camera’s shutter speed and whether or not a flash was used.

Hayley Williams contests that her account was hacked, arguably to save face, of course. But forgive us if we can’t come to believe that Hayley managed to take a topless picture of herself on her BlackBerry, then somehow get that picture out in the open, then have some random guy hack her TwitPic account to post the picture, all in the span of eight minutes.

Uncensored photo here.

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  • Chris

    Hey, just thought I’d point out that it’s entirely possible to edit EXIF data in photos. You can change the date/time that it says the photo was taken, etc. So who says the hacker didn’t do that, to make it LOOK like the photo was taken just 8 minutes before it was posted on Twitpic when in reality it wasn’t? If you’re curious how to edit EXIF data, I just googled it… there’s free software that lets you do it. This site has more details:

  • Seth Stahlman

    While it’s possible to edit EXIF data, chances are this is just what it seems; Hayley was likely trying to help the photo find some New Found Glory and it got misdirected. While technology does occasionally lie… I find it more concerning she thought that lipstick color was a good idea.

  • Romeo

    Yeo man u really think a hacker would go through all dat trouble just to put up some nasty ass picture of her? ain’ nobody wanna see that any way…keep ya clothes on sweetheart .

  • Rosa

    leave hayley alone! ok she took this picture .. what girl HASNT taken a picture like this? but maybe she accidently sent it to her twitpic with no intentions of doing it.. i accidently send pictures to MY ALBUM just after taking it.. let the girl be.. you obviously arent a paramore fan at all .. cuz if you were you would support hayley 110% and not post this up .. spreading more drama .. hayley’s a normal girl .. talented, with a good heart .. please dont turn this into another britney spears or miley cyrus incident.. really, no one wants to know of this negativity, pipe down .. sorry to be rude but i admire hayley all the way. if she wants to take revealing pictures, let her. she’s BEAUTIFUL! but if hayley says she didnt leak this, & if she says she got hacked.. maybe it’s TRUE!

  • Tim

    Even if she did send it, its not like she would do it intentionally. She’s a nice girl with good values. And at the same time, she’s an adult who can make these choices for herself. If she sent it to her TwitPic, anyone who knows who she is or how she lives would know this wasn’t on purpose. I hope this blows over quickly, because I’d hate to see Hayley get upset, and so would her friends, family, fans, and Paramore.

  • Sensibleone


    What you say is true, but she had to have leaked the photos to someone else anyway. The thing that gives it away is not the EXIF data, but the photo itself.

    Also, she sent the picture using a blackberry, which has the send and the post to twitter buttons side by side. Coincidence? I think not.

  • The Con

    ^^^ LOL ^^^ I love how everybody feels the need to flip out and defend her. Why would a hacker go though all that trouble to just release a tity pic on her twitter?
    especially when they could have sold it to TMZ and made some money off it.
    Why can’t everyone just accept the fact that she accidentally posted it?

  • RioRico

    Editing the EXIF data isn’t even necessary. I generally use old PaintShopPro9 on digital photos. I can load several photos at once, then copy the contents of one into the file of the other. Let’s say I load HayleyNude,jpg (shot with a phonecam) and MyOldDog.jpg (shot with a Nikon dSLR). With HayleyNude.jpg up, I select the entire image and copy it to the clipboard. With MyOldDog.jpg up, I select and delete the entire image, then paste the HayleyNude image from the clipboard. I then save MyOldDog.jpg which now contains HayleyNude but also all the Nikon EXIF data. I suspect some other image editors allow similar gene-splicing.

  • Thinkin

    I’d like to point out that it would still take some kinda life-hacker to get his hands on that pic. Even if the data were edited, how did this person get his hands on this image, when it seems nobody else had seen it? Why would they post only that image? I would have had some fun, if I’d gotten that account and that pic together. Why not just drop the image anywhere? People would have forced her to admit it was her. If this “hacker” was out to get her, why didn’t he? Why waste his time hacking her account if he already has the pic? Why not post a few words? Too many questions. Obvious answer is obvious.

  • hayley williams twitpic

    If celebrities take pictures like this they will always get out eventually!

  • Smacker

    All they have to do is have her take a pic with her camera and check THAT EXIF and compare the two.

  • Steve

    Hey Chris, I thought I’d point out that if whoever did that is invested that much in editing EXIF data, we’ve got a master INTARNAT PIRATE ON OUR HANDS

    tl;dr STFU nab

  • Tamara

    6:40 PM
    Take these shots down. Everyone in a long distance relationship has taken pictures like this before. She is a person too. This is a crappy thing to happen. Lets just lay it to rest. Anyone who keeps posting this better start asking the question “Is this right? Do I need to keep spreading this?”. Spreading it is poison….don’t ruin your chances to the forever Kingdom…May God bless Hayley Williams and bring her peace with all the evil that people are displaying. Paramore is a great band, and they are all role models. Thank you Hayley for sharing your musical genius with the World. This too shall pass, and you will persevere

  • Kincaid

    The issue really isn’t that the picture got posted. Sure it’s embarrassing and she should have been a bit more careful. The real issue is silliness of the lie to cover up the error. She should step up and be adult about the matter rather than crying about a hacker. She is an adult, afterall. She’s the one damaging her credibility with this farce. I’m a fan of Paramore, btw, but that doesn’t mean I’m some mindless fanboi who believes that someone I am a fan of can do no wrong.

  • paramore/hayleywilliamHUGEFAN

    Listen everybody who wants to try to say shes fugly and shit, stfu. Okk here it is we all make mistakes every person in the world but the difference is when we make thm they dnt get put in a maggazine or on the internet soo why should they when we make mistakes they say ohh whatever why is it any different with celebrities she’s 21 and i honestly think she did not post this pic of herself somebodyy who was looking for a good laugh stupid ass hackers tryingg to be the cool person ofcourse yes it was a mistake to tke this pikature in the first place but like i said completely human just because she is famous does not mean she is perfect. If someone frm say detroit a regular person tht goes to high school and is your bestfriend posts HERSELF, a pikature of her with absoulutely no clothes on at all would you call all the gossip networks and new stands and magazine people? No you wouldn’t honestly you would probably say cute pikature, HYPOCRITES I SWEAR!

  • mike

    total publicity stunt, or just a really stupid move.. either way shes way hot.

  • jayjayjj50

    Its was a clear mistake on here part. Some hacked her account and yet she was still able to log into her account moments later. Any hacker would have change the password the moment the account was hack.

  • Angie

    You dont know..maybe that hacker had speedy hands..or just shortcuts, their smarter than smart itself.

  • JC

    Clutching at straws there, I think

  • Jahm Mitt

    As a side thought, yeah she is cute, fuckable, nice tits etc… but what is with the “CENSORED” stamp across the nipples? I mean for the last 5 million years we have had tits and no one ever gave the big hush job cover up, until idiots decided that womens nipples are “conveniently offensive” (sometimes) and men’s are not.

  • hushap

    womens nipples are sensored for a reason. that pic is not art. as an artist i can tell evryone that nipples/penis dont have 2 be sensored if the persons attention is elswhere, calm expression (unless the art was meant 2 express pain), and the person would not have 2 be ‘wide open’ they would have 2 b obviously naked, but the main attention of the art elsewhere. this aint art. she even said n an interview she wouldnt do a magazine nude shoot. even christians are hormonal. like the late michael jackson said

  • Matt

    So we disregard the EXIF data entirely. There is still a problem. The photo is real. Those are really Hayley’s boobs. It shows none of the signs of being a fake. So, if we argue that the EXIF data is falsified, how did some random hacker get a very real photo of Hayley’s boobs? Then, how did he ‘hack’ her twitter? Believe it or not, your average ‘hacker’ relies on the ‘hackees’ to be utterly retarded and tell him the password themselves. Otherwise, the second most common method is to know the person’s e-mail address and login name and security questions/answers and e-mail login info. It’s not easy, and Hayley is far from retarded.

    The only possibilities that make sense are a)Hayley accidentally tweeted a pic she intended to send (I assume) to Chad, or b) Chad was the ‘hacker.’

    A is the more likely. Take a look at the interface on a Blackberry. The buttons are right next to each other. One slip and oops! Now Hayley’s adorable little boobies are all over the internet.

  • John

    I’d hit it.

  • Jamie A Grutman


  • Anonymous

    I have no idea who the young lady is, but do you remember what a jeep was in the Popeye cartoons? Dig that nose.

  • awesomestguy

    Wow, I can’t believe how utter trash that was. You think because on the image’s data it says it was only a few minutesold means she posted it? You realize that A) That code is very easy to manipulate, and anyone with a computer could change it, and B) Its not always accurate, considering I’ve looked at the data myself and it claimed it was taken a day AFTER it was first uploaded? You realize that, every time the image is copied or moved, the data will probably change, especially when people copy and save into someplace or transfer it.
    And, obviously, you haven’t done a lot of research into the subject, considering it was taken from a phone that she had lost a while BEFORE she uploaded it? Obviously, that argument holds up as much as your claim does as the data can be changed, but there’s a million possibilities for it other than that image being uploaded. Maybe it was a hacking as she said, and that she lost her phone, it was found, and uploaded using her already signed in Twitter (Which makes a LOT of sense), or alternatively, as many are claiming, she accidentally pressed the ‘upload onto twitter’ button and didn’t realize it. Yeah, its possible she did upload it on purpose, but its unlikely considering that, well, have you ever MET her? Have you ever actually seen an interview with her? She’s REALLY not the kind to purposely upload one.
    And, I leave with one piece of advice which would also make you all rethink this, look carefully at her face. The skin is a different colour to the rest of her body. Think about that.

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