Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Pictures

People seem to be clamoring to find out who exactly Justin Bieber's girlfriend is. So, who is she really? CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Pictures

People seem to be clamoring to find out who exactly Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is. So, who is she really?

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber still maintains that he’s currently single, although there really has been speculation about him having eyes for Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. The picture shows someone who he went out with before.

“Noooooooo! Not my type,” Bieber reportedly said about Cyrus being a girlfriend. “She’s cool [though]. She’s nice.”

So what exactly does Bieber look for in a girl?

“I look for just a nice laid-back funny girl who can make me laugh,” said Bieber. ”Or just funny, down to earth and have a good smile. I know you’re trying to get this answer out of me. I think Selena Gomez is pretty – but I don’t like her. I think she is cute. I think she is a cutie.”

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  • http://hdfhgkje.com kimberly

    ?HOT pic w/out her?!!!!!!!!!!! shes some ugly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://megan8you megan bailey

    i think she is a pretty girl i like justin but some times he just needs to be a lone
    if justin is reading this then im goin to say somethin……………………..im a big fan be
    i dont get all your hot your hot im a girl that has a crush on you but ever boy likes me at me school im 10 and you 13 i gested but you proble never goin to get me becouse
    you always have fan arond you dont mean i dont like you any more but i love you!

  • alaizya

    I like justin bebeir but I think he can’t sing I can sing better then him you can bring him over my house and see that I can sing better then him

  • susan

    stupid brat, he thinks he can get any girl he wants. i’m pretty sure most girls wouldn’t want him considering it would sound like they’re talking to another girl whenever he would be on the phone.

  • jessica broad

    Well I think some of these comments are extremely harsh especially susans how can you call him a brat when you don’t even know him?? And he obviously can sing, otherwise he wouldn’t be as big as he is… Duh! I love his song baby, I thinks its the bomb! Ha!

  • http://yahoo.com kaitlyn

    shes ugly.! he should be with me, because im not ugly.!

  • http://thenewschronicle.com Richard Neil Ilagan

    haha! :D why don’t you post a pic of yourself here for fun kaitlyn? :D

  • http://www.yahoo.com CHAS


  • sara ochoa

    though i love all his songs he could have WAY better taste in girls.!!!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOO CUTE

  • judy martinez

    Hey jessica u right,i personally think dat susan is the brat cuz justin’s a HOTTY nd he can sing;plus magan his 15 not 13 nd i can go out with hin cuz im 14 nd hot,plus justin aint lookin for cute girls he lookin for nice,carin,lovin,nd etc nd nd i know i got all dat like good grades,i care bout people,nd im a lovin person i can prove it so justin send a mesage to millie13colon@yahoo.com.k. I LOVEE YOUU

  • http://justinbiebergrilfriend ivet

    justin your girl is ugly and she is a bitch

  • Giulz

    Justin is an idiot……………….he thinks hez sooo kool cuz he gottta gf

    she is super ugly…………….as cute as you r justin bieber……….i would NEVER EVER be jealous of you old gf………sorry girl

  • Giulz

    i mean who here agrees that she is ugly and wud never be jealous of HER!

    pffffff! it makes me laugh JUSTIN HAS ZIPO TASTE!!!!!!!!!!
    alaizya ………….i agree dude
    and yes i am aware isaid beaver

    hes so full of himself and thinks that now hes sorta a star………he can do whatever he likes and thinks HEY MY NAME IS JB………………….. EVERYONE SHOULD LUVVV ME CUZ IMMA A FAMOUS DUDE!
    well justin

    ive gotta mouthful but since im only 9 i am not aloud to say much more


  • sara ochoa

    well giulz first of all what kinda name isGIULZ AND SECOND HIS GF IS HIS CHOICE! SO JUST BACK OFF S T U P I D !!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  • http://justinbieber'sgirlfreindspictures-thenewschronicle wikitoria

    hey jessica i love that song too and how could that girl say that hes a brat hes not do you think soo

  • http://thenewschronicle.com Richard Neil Ilagan

    Comments disapproved.

    Hi wikitoria,

    Please don’t spam comments into the discussion. Comments of such nature are discouraged and will be removed.


  • Christie Miley Jonas

    Justin u and Selena gomez make a good couple
    wow she is UGLY

  • Ellie and aisha

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iloveyoouuuuu so muchh wereee yourr number one fan cant wait to see youu inn sheff ! were gettin VIP tickets ! iloveyouuuuuu millionsss me and aisha are youurrr number one fansssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    shes uglyy thooo !

  • Nick

    Justin Bieber looks like a 15 year old girl! The fact that he sings about love and all that shit, he doesn’t even know what it is to be in love!! What will be funny, is when his balls drop and his voice changes and all of a sudden he’s squeaking like a mofo!!!

  • keisha

    damnnn she is not cute…

  • Brianna

    hey i think u look gourgues justin hope to see u when
    u hit austrailan shores xoxox :P :D

  • Razza

    hey bree i love ya we r in english lolxxxxxxxx

  • chocolate lover

    You are so right I mean he is surrounded by millions of girls how can he stand not able to find a pretty girl out there that he wants and btw he’s sixteen justin if you read this hi and I love you I’m ur biggest fan ever !!!!!!!

  • Allie

    You guys are mean! She’s not ugly!!

  • http://msn karrigann stevenson

    heya babe !x
    you are a total and you soo gourgues babe and tht but
    your girlfriend is so not cute soz babe love ya xx

  • http://msn bobbie

    heya babe , you aree soo tiday ( hot ) but you can do much better that hur she looks okay and girls he doesent want lassies that slag his love of lifeee !!
    LoveYouu <3<3Xxxxx

  • Pearl


  • http://myspace Alyssa

    hes a hottie, but not with her,,

  • http://myspace Alyssa

    Hehe,, im way prettier,, and most people probably are better looking that her. he can do better. love youu,

  • katlyn

    i think justin beiber is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i wish he could see what i look like i think he would like me but i think susan was so mean like u shouldn’t say somthing like that hes a good singer i love the song baby but i love all of them i have like a whole bunch of pics of him i wish i could meet him soo bad well gtg bye

  • kiki

    ur girl is ugly justin but the pic would look better witout her nd wit m3

  • kiki

    me 2

  • http://yahoo autumn

    that girl is ugly maybe you all should appreciate who he likes if you really like him!!! Justun if you read this you will know that I am the one for you!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo autumn

    but to tell you the truth she is ugly

  • http://facebook robin

    yes that girl is uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………..

  • http://facebook gerianjiney

    hi justin you are so very cuteeeee.@handsome

  • http://justin-bieber-world.com/justin-biebers-girlfriend-pictures-the-news-chronicle/ Justin Bieber World

    [...] reading here: Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Pictures – The News Chronicle Share and [...]

  • Jadicuus,, xx

    Are you kidding meee?? god he could do wayyyyy better! get a life mann!

  • Mickie Simmonds

    Dont all be so mean, that girl is NOT ugly, and soo what if she was…justin is a good guy and doesnt judge girls on looks, he goes for personality. The girl is oviously nice as justin wouldnt be friends with her otherwise. You should all back off, get a life and stop being mean and nasty.


  • http://Thenewschronical Josie jones

    who eva megan baily is you sound like a snobby noised cow that thinks you can get any guy you wont cause your soooo popular at school. you would never get justin bieber he is way to good for snobby people like you anyways….you are just all talk……..go find some one your own age ……ow and just in 16 you ediot …big fan you are you dont even know how old he is exept you know that hes to old for you…..IFLY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER

  • http://.. Shyleee

    Wtf your a snobby nosie, cow your saying your to good for justin thats bullshit hes to good for you, every guy is to good for you. btw you sound like your all talk. hes hot your not. get a life you effing loser. justin id your reading this your Amazing ilvoeyou, Shes not worth enything,

    Peace out Megan Bailey < hoebag<

  • http://hijustinbieber Annie Nastapoka

    Hi Justin Bieber I Wanna Kiss You And I Want To See You So Much I’m Annie Ok I Know Your Phone Number Why Don’t Talking In The Phone My Phone Number Is 819 254 8233 Call Me Right Now Plzzz !!!!

  • http://hotmail.com jessica salter

    hi justin i love you so much im going to your concert and dont listen to those people who say your girlfriend is ugly she is not

  • tahquita

    well u should really be quiet glulz because he is really sweet so u shouldn’t be judging someone u don’t even know!!!!! and his last name is not beaver it’s bieber sweetie!!!!!

  • tahquita

    u need to go somewhere with that because he is not a girl so quit hating cuz he got more swagga then u could ever have in a lifetime!!!

  • tahquita

    hey justin i am ur #1 fan not just some crazy stalker like a lot of girls i know i will never get u but i just wanted to let u know!!!!and don’t listen to gyrls like that they are mean and stuck up prudez and the guys are jealous of ur swagga so keep swaggin on and making it to the top because i am proud of u every step of the way!!!!!

  • http://google nicki

    she is totally UGLY . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think he has a bad taste in girls . butt he is totally sssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo hott .

  • http://WWW.GOOGLE.COM Vanessa Abby

    BUT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) IM WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) LOL JK

  • Jay Rehfeld

    justin beiber JUST CANT BE GAYER! get off his back girls, its obvious that the reason he doesnt have a girlfriend is because he doesnt like girls, he likes sucking big fat black dick. so yeah dont get your hopes up ladies.

  • Jay Rehfeld

    you sir are total boss. i agree.

  • “”

    im so srry but u iz not the biggest justins bieber fan im sssssoooo srry 2 say that

  • cutekatie

    i really love u justin wanna have sex with me and lets also make out in bed im telling u i love u<3<3<3<3<3uuu

  • kasey

    the girl u love aint preety enough for u but i am:)we would have fun get married have children u can name them only if i like it because im going to be pregnantso we’ll see u should kiss all the girl that ur acting like that they r not ur girlfriends anymore but they r and ive been in relation ships before and my boyfriend cheated on me so i dated another one

  • mariah(ma-re-yah)

    i think justin bieber is d hottest boy ive ever met and i dont wont to be like megan baily.but im sooo down 2 earth i love 2 chillax but im NOT lazy!! when any ones around me they say im the funniest person on earth, im not tryin to be like a beg(megan)(COUGH)!!but u should really consider me in your life.
    im a london girl,mixed race,brown eyes,black hair and if you ever read this and say im your girl then heres my fone number!! 07961158771 you might have to get a phone car to call abroad.xxx

  • Annon

    Wow…apparently the kid has crazy fangirls. o.o You guys shouldn’t rag on the girl. Nobody’s perfect. Plus, talk about contradictory when you snap at others who dis Justin because he sounds and looks so young, but then you yourselves go and snap at his choice in girls because she “isn’t pretty enough”. Talk about hurtful. I’d put money on her personality being pure gold.

    Then there’s the issue of his talent. I’m sure he’s got plenty – he must because he’s got himself on TV. He’s got charm, seems like a nice enough kid, and there is ALWAYS someone out there who can do something better than you. For what he’s got now, I’m gonna say he isn’t half bad.

    BTW if you put up things like “I’m prettier” or “wanna sleep with me”, you’re gonna get yourselves a pretty terrible rep. Just sayin.

  • http://thenewschronicle.com ???????????

    justin i got to tell u that you got to dump that girl because she is a pice of crap she is a hor and a bitch she is just going out with u because she wants to prove to her friend that she is cool just to say i think she in a mother fucker she could suck dick booooooooooooooooooo yhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • http://thenewschronicle.com ???????????

    jessica justin is a gay basterd and he sings like a bitchey man or should i say a girl

  • Lolorsaurus

    Justin beiber is the biggest faggot ever. I would rather listen to that ugly chick in the picture queef, than that stupid retarded kids music.

  • Jay Rehfeld

    u sir are boss

  • Evelyn

    OMG the girl is sooo ugly OMG
    but ily justin bieber <3

  • OneTimeGirl

    Hey Justin Bieber, I love your personality it’s great! Girls on here are like your so hot and stuff looks don’t matter and the girl in the pic was lucky to have you I know I would be. Anyways I sing also I wrote a song called celeb crush it’s about you and your dreams wanting to make it and me making it to and standing with you through it all. I’ll post it on youtube soon, so watch but keep your music up its great and live with all your heart cause your where I want to be! Much love and care…..

  • tahquita

    well he maybe dosen’t judge people on the way they look he probably just likes her personality

  • tahquita

    why would u just give ur number out to anyone like that there could be stalkers on this website or predators or anything i would never do something like that

  • tahquita

    well actually he is not gay i think u might need to check urself and he is still single because he is searching for the right one so maybe u r just jealous because he can get girls but u can’t oh so very sad 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and maybe u r the one sucking on one wishing it was him just leave him alone though!!!!!

  • tahquita

    how can u love somebody u never met i mean i like him a whole lot but i don’t love him!!LOLz!!!

  • tahquita

    R U CR@ZY!!!!!

  • tahquita


  • tahquita

    I AM NOT A DUDE I AM A GIRL THAT SPEAKD THE TRUTH(thank u very much though)

  • tahquita

    u just leve her alone u r just mad because she can get with him and u can’t and she is not a piece of crap u r 4 saying it i am not trying to start and argument or a fight but i am just saying don’t talk about someone that u don’t really know like that!!!!!!!!!

  • tahquita

    just leave him alone and go suck it because he is not a fag in my eyes!!!!! and he has a lot of talent more then

  • tahquita

    awww…… justin bieber is so sweet!!!!


    awww….. i didnt know justin bieber was that sweet !!! maybe he isn’t ready for love jus leave him alone if he wanna finish is music jus let him be .ya’ll really need to stop hatten because its really not gettin ya’ll no were!!

  • Riley Briscoe

    your bringing sexy back yeah i love u justin <3 <3 <3 <3

  • aicie say:

    justin your girlfriend is so ugly and she is freke you know.

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    no your just jeaulous becuase you want to be wit him thank you very much

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    you guys oooooooooppppppps i mean girls always hve something stupid to say. wat eta girl he get its his so stop hatting and get a life.and no bodys good for him unless he says so. he’s my role model. and that girl and ediot you must be one cause you got nothing better to say

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    you must be in a diffrent world

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    learn how to spell and he said he won’t someody nice which is not you

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    not you either. since when were you his girlfriend

  • justins a fag

    every single person on this page is a fag. get a life and stop trying to get with justin bieber. your all tools, including justin bieber. he has a girl voice and tries to skateboard but sucks balls.

  • e+j4evr

    get real! hes famous he’ll never go out wif you! so move on and try sum one not famous and in ur leauge srry but thats the truth

  • hater jb

    thx u r the best like u described justina barbra to me like i swear he does suck at singing like get new vocals and his face is like horrible ok like he is so ugly he was about to make me go blind and thats right all of the ppl who actually like justin bieber aka…justina barbra get a life and u all suck and plz plz plz do me a favor and open ur eyes and see wat a dumb ugly person he can be and justin bieber if u read this i dont like u and get this threw ur skull ppl all around the world dont like u ok and the person who wrote justins a fag u r amazing like ur my idol ok oh and the girl that wrote peace as a name idc if it gets me no where like do u think i actually care like get a life u savage btw justin bieber get skateboard lessons coz u really suck and hope to see an improvement in something u can actually be good at for once.oh btw last thing he has no talent.

  • Eric

    all of u justin bieber haters are justin fucking losers who need to get a life u guys just cant get over the fact that justin bieber is a very hot talented and cute young singer from eric aka number one justin bieber

  • http://ljalicial@yahoo.com Jezzy Babe

    aww she is too pretty :) and he is good looking too :)

  • http://haha jUStiNEYhUNN

    OMfG! Are You Serious Hunny? Justin Can Sing So Stop Tripping and Hatin On Him Just Because You’re Mad Cuz You Cant Have Him. Anyway Maybe You Can, But Doesnt Mean You Gottah Hate Girl haha:(

  • http://santiago ellen

    yakkkkkkkkkkkkk justin youre girlfriend i so uglyy freak bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we all say I LOVE U SO MUCH but youre just …whatever……………………………………………………………………………………………..
    okay you has many girlfriend but I REALY ?LOVE? YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PUT THAT IN YOURE MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………………………..

  • Allice

    Y’all are all jealous.
    She is quit pretty.
    Like I said, you all are jealous cause you can’t hold down a girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • http://santiago ellen

    DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHWIRDO IN YOURE DREAM di hamak n masmaganda nman c pokwang kaysa jan ate pokwang sorry ah but it’s true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://santiago ellen

    were so sorry its not our fault to say that bad words to that girl because they said that post a comment okay we post a comment
    all we post there are true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://santiago ellen


    YOURE SO FUNNY GIRL YOU MAKES ME LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://nagcarlan 0080

    justine biebirs your girl friend is agle and ilove u

  • http://nagcarlan 0080


  • sydney

    i love ur answers

  • http://yahoo.com chanel

    justin if you are reading this all of these girls are fake i am speaking the truth you may not no me or ever see me but i not just going to come online and be jeaulous becuase your not my boyfriend there all fony you see how much they wrote about your girlfriend that proves jeulousy i’m just saying you said you wanted some body nice good smile who can make you laugh and nice thats me you are my role model thank you JUSTIN BIEBER peace i being real!!

  • nadia

    u think ur selth mint but ur not ok u r gay

  • nadia

    i am a gypsy and i am proud u should be because u r gay tb kkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://thenewschronicle najm

    u suck major nuts jb

  • http://jbbaby JB LOVER!!

    Justin Bieber is hoooooootttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jbrocks I

    yo channel you are not his gf u need to shut up kk i bet ur ulgy so dont talk like that kk :P hahahaheheheeh justin biber is sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and hot kk :O

  • http://jbrocks Madog22

    hay i am not jealous kk chanel :p and you have the stupidest name ever channel wat did ur mama give u that hhahahahaheheheh no wat ur g ma did and i am always smiling and laughing :P :) …..!

  • http://jbrocks 785001452

    yo channel you need 2 shut up no one wants 2 here u kk im with madog right now sooooooooshut up kkkkkkkkkk so wat now :P P


    I really agree everyone loves u because u are famous and they like your money u need to be with someone u can trust and don’t like u for your money and u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Idon’t like u for your money OR if u are famous…………………………………………………

  • http://KEIRAPOE@YAHOO.COM Keira

    I say i don’t like u because u are famous i just like u for who u are

  • http://justinbiebersgirlfriendpictures justin bieber

    you guys need to stop and let justin be. none of you know him or have talked to him or anything. chanel you need to stop acting like your the only one that is pretty. peace, i agree with you, you rock and tell the truth. let him finish his music guys. keira you dont know the real justin, wat r u related, talk to him, nooooo! madog22, your being a real jerk to chanel, find somethin else to do besides picking on people u dont even know, madog22, wat a stupid name, how did that feel, hurtful, so leave others alone. 785001452, yr not cool or tough, so stop actin like that yall. i, same goes with you. i dont care if any of u say a jerky thing back, justin would agree with me cause i truly have talked to him. u guys haven’t. stop trying to put others down or think your better than others. your not, im sinking down to your guys’s level but thats the only way to show that you guys arent being nice and need to treat eachother with respect. im not yr mom, dont go on thinkin and sayin im acting that way cause im just sayin the truth. open your eyes and shut your mouths and learn theres better ways to deal with thinks- peace yall. srry i had to say all that junk, but its the truth, re-read wat u wrote and act as if someone wrote that to u!!! it would seem hurtfull and mean, and to chanel untrue. im srry guys- (peace, rules, have a good one peace)!!!!! luv yall, but be nice

  • http://justinbiebersgirlfriendpictures cutie

    i totally agree with u justin bieber, we need to stop hatin’ and learn to start lovin’. were all teens, lets just move on and hang out with friends instead of being true jerks to peeps we dont know

  • Emmet

    lol wtf

  • ‘lene’

    i totally agree with u 2 justin bieber..,and i’m just wanna says dat i’m love u very much…,peace 2 every0ne,..(justin bieber is s0 sweet n r0macZ b0y..)we need to stop hatten..,

  • seriously

    obviously he does not have a gf because he’s interested with guys

  • Leon

    O: omg. you’ll probably never go out this dream guy (if you say so) in your whole life PLUS possible next lives so WHY DONT YOU JUST STICK TO STARING AT HIS POSTER that will do you alot better i think.

  • http://comcast.net jaidan

    how do u no u probly like him to u just dnt want 2 admit it people do wat people do u need 2 leave them alone and mind your bezz wax





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