Mayweather vs Pacquiao: the bout is off

The WBO title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on March next year is off, at least according to Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: the bout is off

The WBO title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on March next year is off, at least according to Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum.

Arum says that the March 13 fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather will not continue because of demands by Mayweather’s camp for Pacquiao to undergo Olympic-style drug testing procedures.

“We don’t object to more extensive drug testing, even though it’s certainly not required in Nevada,” relates Arum, referring to the fact that Las Vegas bouts do not mandate measures as extensive as the Olympics. “What we’re saying is that the drug testing he is proposing is intrusive and would disturb Pacquiao’s training if it’s done within 30 days of his fight.”

Pacquiao has agreed to have his blood drawn for tests before and after the Mayweather bout – just not 30 days before.

“My gut feeling is Mayweather doesn’t want to do the fight and this is his excuse, period,” concludes Arum.

Arum has suggested to use instead the drug agencies who test NBA, NFL and MLB players, because they are generally accepted and only perform random urinalysis – which has no effect on the athlete, as opposed to having blood drawn.

Pacquiao was to defend the WBO title that he won by beating Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas last November against the undefeated Mayweather this March.

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  • justbuyticketscom

    This is what the sports of boxing needs a mega fight not a mega whining session between these two fighters. Get in the ring and pound each others heads in thats what people want not all this whiley niley agruement over drug testing.

  • justbuyticketscom

    Fight please, Get your assess in shape then in th ering thats what peeple want not all this whinning.

  • folken88

    This is just a stupid psychological warfare tactics of Mayweather Jr. If he wants or insists an Olympic style drug test for this fight, he is basically questioning the integrity of Nevada State Athletic Commission drug testing, which Pacquiao passed all the time. In order to resolved this matter, you have to change the rules and regulations relating to boxing per se, not only for this fight, but for all fights going forward. The fact that NSAC only do random urine testing for detecting any illegal substance used, medical experts find it sufficient enough.

    Also, Pacquiao is willing to submit blood and urine after the fight, it only proves that he has nothing to hide, and assuming if there are illegal substance found in his system after the fight, his win (assuming he won the fight) will mean nothing to fight fans globally.

  • jackjackjack2011

    This is suspicious. Floyd wants the USADA because he has friends there (he was a US Olympic boxing champion). I’m sure he’s going to use those contacts to make them either create a fake positive for Pacquiao or harass him with the tests. They should let a European agency do the testing. Nobody trusts Floyd and his nigga tactics.

  • elalex

    WOW, this is just Mayweather showing how cowardly he is. Pound for Pound the best “NOT”, he’s not a true champion who fights the best, his entire career his been picking his opponents and never risking nothing. Come on the guy can even meet weight for a fighter that is trying to move up 15 to 20 pounds to fight him Example: Marquez fight or worst all his career his been dodging great opponents Example: Kostya Tszyu and if he accepts a fight its when the other opponent is on his way out of boxing. To be the best you must have great heart and fight the best, I couldn’t live my life as a champion that way….Straight Puss_

  • smaldona

    Mayweather is such a coward. It doesn't surprise me he's making ridiculous demands while praying Pacquiao wouldn't agree to them so the fight would be called off. I'm done watching his fights unless he fights Mosley or Pacquiao. Greatest fighter in the world, please, he fights hand picked opponents that make him look good. Mayweather has all the skills a great fighter must posses except for the main ingridient, heart.

  • mstoute

    Olympic style drug testing looks for growth hormone while the Nevada State Athletic Commission does not. If Manny isn’t using growth hormone there really shouldn’t be a problem for him to just do the blood test. I actually don’t see Mayweather at fault.

  • Lebron1J

    Dude what are you sayin? What you got to be a racist hater?

  • smaldona

    how come Mayweather has never asked any other fighter to undergo this type of testing? Why should Pacquiao be required to undergo this type of testing if it's not required? Bottom line is Mayweather is a coward. I wonder who he'll fight next? Maybe DeLaHoya, how about Chavez? He's only 47, or maybe he can convince Sugar Ray Leonard to come out of retirement. He can also fight a great featherweight who moves up to welterweight. Whoever it is it won't be Pacquiao or Mosley cause either one might be able to beat him. I won't watch a Mayweather fight unless it's one of these two fighters.

  • Anonymous

    Comment deleted by Administrator.

    Please refrain from directing profanity to the other commenters, even if your expletives are censored. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If you have nothing to hide why does it matter what kind of testing it is? Pacquiao is scared of Floyd cuz Floyd made easy work of Marquez the same fighter Pacquiao knocked down 3 times and couldn’t beat!!!! Pacquiao left his last fight looking like he survived a shooting and Maywheather leaves every fight untouched you do the math!!!!

  • Anonymous

    punchdrunkluv, you’re blind. You have a very poor analysis of the situation. Try redoing your Math. If you agree with mayweather then you’re saying ALL the fights in History which undergone the drug testing system currently implemented are ALL QUESTIONABLE including all his own past bouts? Then he should not harass pacquiao and he should start investigating the validity of the current system before trying to change it. This type of maneuvering is so obvious and can only mean one thing, Mayweather is a coward.

  • blahblahblow

    it's kind of hard to punch anyones head in when they're weakened by a blood test taken the day before.

  • iLLuMiNuM

    mayweather is being a bitch because he caint handle pacquiao shit imagine when hatton stunned mayweather just wait to see pacquiao stunn him with his speed and strength that why he wants blood tests to make an excuse if he loses

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