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Last modified : August 13, 2009 GMT+8:00

This site, The News Chronicle (, in order to provide its readers with informative content in a most efficient manner, collects personal information through various non-malicious means. This Privacy Policy details how this information is used within the site.

By viewing and/or participating in The News Chronicle, the reader accepts the policy detailed below. For any questions on any of these points, you may contact the Editorial Board at our Feedback page.


This Privacy Policy encapsulates policy effective only within The News Chronicle. While we do our best to verify the authenticity of each and every single occurrence, external sites linked to within site content (including, but is not limited to articles, linklists, blogrolls and credits) are not included in this policy.

Commenting on Articles

Readers can comment on any of our articles, provided that they provide identification, most often in the form of a name and email address. This is used only to prevent spam comments in our content and to identify the commenter in conversation. It is not used for any other agenda, and personal information will never be disclosed to external parties.


Whenever you, or any other reader, visits The News Chronicle, a cookie (a very small file containing text) is saved to their computer. This file is used to identify the reader’s computer throughout the site, will never contain personal information, and will never be harmful to your computer.

The information stored in cookies is used by third-party services such as Google, and are associated with website analytics and ad targeting within the site. This site has no control over how these cookies are used, created and maintained.

If you would like to disable the use of cookies on your computer, you can do so by modifying the settings of your web browser. For more information on how to do this, please visit the web site of your particular browser.

Google Doubleclick DART Cookie

Google, as a third party vendor, also uses the DART cookie to serve ads to you on this site, based on your visit to this site and other Internet sites displaying Google Adsense ads. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at the following URL :


The News Chronicle may opt to log and/or archive email correspondence sent to its Editorial Board thru means made available within the site. All correspondence sent to the Editorial Board become property of The News Chronicle, and as such, the decision of retention or deletion of these correspondence lie with the Editorial Board. However, personal information contained in correspondence therein will never be disclosed to external parties.

For information on how to send feedback on this site, please visit our Feedback page.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, The News Chronicle undergoes changes within the site that may require it to modify its Privacy Policy. These modifications are mostly due to features and functions introduced and/or removed from the site, and changes are expectedly of minor degree only. However, under no circumstances will the rights provided by the current effective Privacy Policy be lowered without due notification and/or consent.

The most current modification to this Privacy Policy can be viewed above.

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